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What is Apcalis ?

Apcalis One of the most popular and successful ways of treating erectile dysfunction in men, Apcalis Tablets are pills belong to the class Cialis and contain the same active ingredients as other drugs in the Cialis class. Apcalis have an added advantage of an effective treatment time lasting up to 36 hours allowing couples to make love any time they wish. Apcalis was earlier sold as Erectalis & Kamagra Plus but now because of the longer time for which it is effective has gained the French name \'Le Weekender\'. This product belonging to the PDE5 family has the medical name Tadalafil. Before buying any kind of medications online, one needs to be sure of the genuineness and quality control check. Generic Pharmacy Rx has gained the trust of its customers by providing all of these in all its medications.

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What are the mechanisms of Apcalis ?

This product works by relaxing the blood vessels around the genital area and, in turn, allowing a stronger flow of blood in the penile area. This process thereby helps in enabling erection in a man on being stimulated. Our product Apcalis should be taken with a prescription although nobody restricts from taking this FDA approved drug without prescription as well. One can anytime buy Apcalis and other pharmacy products online from at best prices even without prescription.

What is the dosage suggestion for Apcalis ?

The dose recommended to be safe for most patients is 20mg as this dosage is seen to have fewer side effects. But this dosage is considered safe only when consumed not more than once daily. The drug takes almost 45 minutes to an hour to show its effects and the time for which the effect of the pill stays varies between 36 to 72 hours. Intake of fatty meals or alcohol during the course of Apcalis medication will reduce the effectiveness of this drug. It is also beneficial to always read the prescription label of the drug before use to get the best results.

What are the precautions should one take during the course of Apcalis ?

Apcalis might not be suitable for every person’s body type. Before using Apcalis, it will be good to consult your doctor with all your medical history. People with any cardiovascular disorders or cardiac failure (or coronary artery diseases) must restrict from the intake of Apcalis. Those who have suffered from a recent stroke or attack or must also inhibit from taking Apcalis. Blood Pressure patients (both having high and low BP) must also consult a doctor before using Apcalis to prevent any fatal effects. Consumption of nitrates in any form should be strictly restricted with this medicine.

What are the possible side-effects of Apcalis ?

Sometimes patients taking Apcalis might experience the following after effects:

  • Facial redness
  • Flushing
  • Headaches
  • Nose Blocking
  • Nausea
  • Vision problems like dry eyes, blurred vision, etc
  • Sensitivity to Light

These above side effects are not dangerous and occur due to dehydration that gradually diminish by increasing intake of water and as the body becomes accustomed to the drug. One need not stop the treatment on occurrence of these side effects. But in cases of severe side effects (which are very rare) like priapism (longer erection), decreasing vision or hearing power, etc one must immediately stop the medication and consult a specialist.

Why buy from ?

The above mentioned rare side effects and contradictions do not prevent our trusted customers from buying our company’s product (Apcalis) from because of the numerous benefits this product at our pharmacy has in terms of being the most affordable and in providing ultimate pleasure and satisfaction in one’s and his partner’s love life. So do not hesitate and feel free to buy this product from our pharmacy Generic Pharmacy Rx.

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