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What is Generic Levitra ?

Erectile Dysfunction issue has been a nightmare for all men suffering from penile issues. ED or Erectile Dysfunction issues have been a possible threat for future impotency and majority of the men with issues such as Stress, Psychological issues, Trauma or Depression are more prone to impotency as no immediate treatment of ED can lead to severe fertility issues. The issue has been a medical case and there has been an effective formulation of anti-ED medication known as Generic Levitra which is an effective erection enhancer. Generic Levitra solution is prescribed by doctors to those individuals who are prone to low sexual desire. Often the partner is a victim to low sexual pleasure as the men tend to have a flaccid or low erection. The medication helps in providing hard erection in men who can then satisfy themselves and their partners with quality sexual intimacy. The medication has been FDA approved and is also made available on online basis. One can buy Generic Levitra to avoid issues of low erection which also has been seen as a severe problem in men today. The medication is sold by Generic Pharmacy Rx at an affordable price and one can buy online globally with

What are the mechanisms of Generic Levitra ?

Generic Levitra is an effective erection enhancer for men and has been a quality medication for treating ED and future impotency. The medication doesn’t provide any sexual stimulation after consumption but the pattern involves provision of hard erection in men. For satisfactory effects, a person is supposed to be sexually stimulated as the dose doesn’t provide sexual body stimulation.

Generic Levitra with its effective component, Vardenafil helps as an effective inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme. The inhibition process of PDE5 increases the cGMP substance internally. This process helps in causing penile muscle smoothening and the increases circulation of blood flow majorly towards the penile area. The smoothening of the penile muscles causes relaxation and helps in easy transmission of sexually stimulated signals from brain to penile nerve which causes erection. The dosage helps in enhanced erection which is essential for a satisfactory intercourse. The medication needs to be consumed 30 to 60 minutes prior to sexual activity as the solution needs to blend within the blood and provide the results.

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What is the dosage suggestion for Generic Levitra ?

The medication of Generic Levitra can be consumed with or without food. Levitra 20mg is recommended for oral consumption at the preliminary stage and the medication is required to be consumed 30-60 minutes prior to any sexual activity. The dosage consumption is strictly once per day and for quality efficiency and satisfaction one requires consuming medication with low calorie meal or alcohol. The least dosage being 5mg, it is essential for a person to consult so as to know the medical health-check. The medication should be increased only if the concern doctor approves.

What are the precautions should one take during the course of Generic Levitra ?

Buy the medication if individuals are bothered by ED issues. An individual is required to consume the medication to the level of prescription provided by the medical doctor. No more than a single dosage is required a day as more than one dosage, the person may experience risks of side effects. It is advised not for self administration. Consult a doctor to have a proper and required dosage pattern.

Individuals who are suffering or have history of heart disorder, liver issues, kidney disorders, stomach ulcer or high blood pressure should strictly follow consumption after consulting the concern doctor.

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What are the possible side-effects of Generic Levitra ?

The medication is wholly reliant on the individual’s health and like most of the medication there are certain mild level side effects. They are as follows:

  • Irregular heart beat
  • Jaw pain
  • Dizziness
  • Severe headache

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