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    Chaowei Machinery participated in the 2020 Algeria Plastic Exhi

    更新時間:2021.08.03       瀏覽數:1145

    CHOVYTING Machinery is a manufacturer specialized in the design and production of plastic bag machinery. Since the company entered the new factory in 2017, it has adopted modern management methods such as 6S site management, PMC production management and international standard QC management, and adopted 3D mechanical design and IEC standard electrical 3D design to standardize production operations, so that to receive a higher rating from customer after use. In terms of production technology, CHOVYTING continuously purchases the world's top CNC large-scale machining centers to make parts processing more precise and standardized, and combines a strong R & D team and continuous innovation to develop various professional machinery to provide customers with complete technology and thoughtful service.
    CHOVYTING always insists on providing customers with high quality and perfect products. Therefore, the actual process of each production step is strictly controlled, and the ISO-9000 quality system process is used to track and control and have passed the EU CE safety regulations.
    Today, CHOVYTING is the largest manufacturer of bag making machines in China, and has long-term strategic cooperation with senior engineers from Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States and Taiwan to absorb the latest and most comprehensive mechatronics technology.
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