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What is Tadalis Oral Jelly ?

One of the fastest remedies to cure erectile dysfunction in men, Tadalis oral jelly works and shows rapid action by dissolving very quickly into the blood stream. The medication becomes effective in less than 30 minutes and has long lasting effects. Tadalis oral jelly has tadalafil (the generic name for Cialis) as the active ingredient and shows similar effects. This oral jelly is the most recognized oral solutions among men experiencing erectile problems. Convenient to consume and quick success results along with very few and rare side effects, Tadalis Oral Jelly at has gained worldwide incredible popularity among individuals facing impotence problems get the best outcomes. It can be consumed directly without water at least 30 minutes prior to having intercourse. This medication is believed to create magic in love life of millions of men worldwide by rejuvenating them physically and making them free of their impotency.

What are the mechanisms of Tadalis Oral Jelly?

Belonging to the family of PDE 5 inhibitors, it works very similar to any other drug in the PDE5-inhibitor family by curbing the release of specific PDE 5 and causing the release of enzyme called cyclic GMP during the stimulation process, thereby helping the penile muscles to relax and allowing a smooth flow of blood in the genital area. The result of the process is a successful erection which is achieved only when a person is sexually aroused after the intake of the medication.

What is the dosage suggestion for Tadalis Oral Jelly ?

With Tadalis Oral Jelly, erection dysfunctions will no more be considered a serious disorder. Tadalis Oral Jelly dissolves very quickly in the blood and shows its effect by relaxing the muscles and increasing flow of blood in the male genital area. The person if manually stimulated after this medication will show wonderful results in achieving an erection. The most commonly recommended dosage of the drug is 100 mg, which can be taken some 30 minutes before intercourse. The effect of the medication lasts for quite a long time i.e. some 4-5 hours. It should not be taken more than once every 24 hours. Missing out on a dose will not be an issue but compensating that with an overdose can have serious consequences. For quick and effective results, one must avoid intake of alcohol or fatty food during the course of the medication. One can consult a doctor as well before using Tadalis Oral Jelly to know more about the dosage and directions.

What are the precautions should one take during the course of Tadalis Oral Jelly ?

One must restrict from using Tadalis Oral Jelly if one has the following disorders:

  • Liver and Kidney diseases
  • Risks of Heart attack or stroke
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Blood cell diseases
  • Hypertension or any other blood pressure problems

Taking any medications containing nitrates along with Tadalis should also be strictly prohibited.

What are the possible side-effects of Tadalis Oral Jelly ?

This product has very few and rarely occurring side effects like Headache, Nausea, Flushing, pain in the stomach and only sometimes (very rare) result in serious side effect like high BP, problems in breathing and pain in chest. One must immediately contact his doctor in such cases.

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